DXL 低温不锈钢编码盘

Series DXL stainless steel shaft encoder (Ex d) up tp 12mm

for cold temperatures down to -40

DXL 4 3 X 9/O X X C/X X X X Connection  | | Resolution - ppr A = 10 m cable | Protection B = 20 m cable | X = IP 66/67 E = 50 m cable |   Exit  A = Axial  R = Radial 7 - 24 Volt Extended Line Driver is Standard PSABO and ABO inv is Standard OutputZone 1

Technical Data
Connection Options
Operating temp:- 40 ...+   60 degrees C

- 40 ...+ 140 degrees FPS GNDBlack
Max frequency:150 kHzPS 7 ... 24 VRed
Current consumption:40 mA (max.)
Output AWhite
Power supply:7 - 24V
Output BBlue
Weight:   6 Kg
Output OYellow
Protection:IP 66 / 67
Output A invGreen
Housing:Stainless Steel
Output B invViolet
Shaft:Stainless Steel
Output O invBrown
Bearings:1 x 6001- 2Z/C3 LHT23

1 x 61804-2RZ2/NRC3WTOutput
Torque:0.7 oz/in (5 N-cm)
Diagram is shown with clockwise shaft rotation viewed from 
Humidity:Up to 98% permissible

shaft end

Speed: 6000 RPM max.
Shock:10g (6msec)
Vibration:5g (500 Hz)
Shaft load:Radial / Axial 10 N
Line driver out max:50 mA per channel
Max. ppr:5000
Inertia:275 gm-cm2

Does not require a barrier for use in hazardous areas, it is Flameproof, making the barrier redundant.
IP 66/X7
Ex d IIC
Mounting Instructions
Hook up the encoder with the connections as described.  Make sure power supply meets specifications.  Attach encoder to mounting bracket as shown.  Attach shaft using a flexible coupling.